About Fifteen52

fifteen52UK was started in 2015 by Jay and Rich, who had an aim to bring fifteen52 wheels to the UK and Europe. Before this fifteen52 wheels were very difficult to get outside of the USA, where the brand originates, being established in 1996.

Since then, that aim has been achieved seeing the popularity of the brand go from strength to strength this side of the pond. Our dealer network has grown from a few UK based retailers in the beginning to a vast number of
excellent and enthusiastic tuning shops and retail dealers across the UK and the whole of Europe, even as far as Russia and the Middle East, not to mention our huge number of individual customers, building awesome cars that gain worldwide recognition everywhere they are driven, shown and featured.

This website will provide a convenient and easy shopping experience for anyone, but we would like everyone to know that fifteen52UK is run by real people, who you can call up and chat to for advice which, we hope, will lead to a better
buying experience.

We pride ourselves on un-matched customer service, with the ethos that no customer should ever leave us being less than happy. Many of our customers know what they want before they get in touch with us, but for those
who are uncertain of the specifics of what they need to achieve their goal, we will help in any way we can, whether it be advice on the best size or offset they require for their particular application, or which wheel or colour we think would best suit the look they are aiming for - our experience and active interest in the car scene helps in a massive way.

Buying fifteen52's will be more than just getting some new wheels, you'll become part of the #52family.

0333 999 1552