This past weekend’s Redbull Global Rallycross 2015 inaugural event in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida saw Ken Block and his Hoonigan Racing Division come away with the win and overall points lead going into the next race.

Saturday was test and qualifying day for the GRC Lites and Supercar teams. To be 100% candid, there were few drivers or teams who thought very kindly of the track layout, and the combination of a rough parking lot surface, very few passing zones, a wooden jump ramp (that seemed to be deteriorating before our very eyes), and a seemingly random stretch of loose Atlantic beach sand, had pretty much everyone scratching their heads regarding car set-up and overall race strategy. The 93-degree Florida heat and humidity seemed to add insult to injury, with the drivers literally baking in their cars and their pit crews hurting almost as bad.


With ten cars staged and the event final good to go, the string of green lights saw Ken Block take control…and never give it back. From start to finish KB lead the 10-lap race, and even Scott Speed and his VW couldn’t hang with him. The hole-shot put Block in perfect position to grab the inside joker turn, and guarantee that he’d head up the wooden ramp in first position. From there, KB pulled away to what looked like a pretty easy win for last year’s overall GRC Championship runner-up.

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